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Which team do you support?

We were discussing about the Cricket World Cup 2015. The discussion started of course with India v/s Pakistan match.

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With power comes responsibility

‘With power comes responsibility’. No this is not a statement from the famous movie Spiderman but this is what I want to convey Indian Politicians who forcefully tried to break a fast of a Muslim fasting.

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I wanted to write for a long time on my blog but for some or the other reason it was pending.But today when sitting next to Burj Khalifa, in a cafe while enjoying a cool breeze, my thoughts automatically started … Continue reading

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Does your actions speak??

‘Communication’, a key to success!! I am sure everybody believes in this. Effective communication is important to convey what we mean. Some people convey with 10 sentences and some may be in 10 words. Someone even speak without words.

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Can I write??

You think you also can write a weekly column?? I think yes I can. I was volunteering recently at Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature. As a volunteer I had the best advantage that I can attend 1 session per day … Continue reading

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Role Models

Today in the morning I received an email from Gulf News (Daily news paper here) about online debate on the topic “Role Model”. I was informed that I cannot participate in online debate as the preference is for the first … Continue reading

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I am spending inheritance of my kids

The other day I read a sentence in a shop, ” I am spending inheritance of my kids” .

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Importance Of Organ Donation.

We all are aware about eye donation, but not many people are aware about organ donation. There are so many myths about organ donation in the society. Today is the time when we need to create awareness about it and … Continue reading

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Pillars of Life

Pillars — dictionary meaning is a vertical structure, in the language of fine art or architecture a vertical structure made up of metal, stone which provides support to superstructure.

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DESTINY have plans for all.

I completed my MBA and came to Dubai in June 2010. The day I landed here search started first for accommodation and then for job. Got accommodation then I started looking for job.

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