Mind or Heart??

Recently I happened to see a Bollywood movie. It was a story about a boy who is successful professionally but looses his self identity by living according to the social conventions expected of him. While watching this movie I realised that we have always been told by society what shall we do, how shall we behave and what career shall we choose. There is always a peer pressure to prove ourselves. But does anyone, even we ourselves, really care what we want to be? what we like from our heart? There is always a fight between what our heart wants and our mind wants. They always want two different things and we have been taught to listen to our mind.

There is no harm in listening to our mind because by the end of the day we need money to live. Not only that, but we may also have other responsibilities on our shoulder. I am not denying to fulfill them, but what’s the harm to follow your heart just for one day in a week or in a month? Follow your passion – whatever may be your passion – acting, singing, sports, whatever it may be. If it is your passion it will refresh you at the end of any working day, no matter how much you are tired. Without hobbies or passion you live just like a machine. Alarm rings, wake up, get ready, go to work, come back, sleep, treat food as a fuel to perform. That’s all. People tells me that only in our dream world we can follow our passion or hobbies along with our daily routine. But try and you can create a small fantasy  land in your day to day life.

After we grow up, we become robots. Our memory card (brain) corrupts. We start behaving like robots. Yes, No, Smile, do this, don’t do this…blah, blah, blah… I remember one sentence which I read long time back, “We don’t grow up, but we learn how to behave in public”. Knowingly or unknowingly, we carry that grown up image everywhere and then before we realise it becomes a part of our personality. I feel that you will not be able to give 100% to your family and work, unless you follow your heart. A happy heart is always better guide to healthy mind. Think about it.

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