I believe in…

We hear people saying, “I believe in ….” or these are the things on which I will not compromise..
Even I have few things in which I believe. I always try not to compromise with them and I think if we all follow them, our life will be much easy.
I believe in :
1) Always keep smiling — I know this sounds like a routine sentence which we read every where, but I want to add one thing to it Keep Smiling, no matter how was your day or your mood is bad. Just imagine, you are tired and a person whom you meet had bad day. How will you feel? Now imagine another situation, you had bad day and the person whom you are meeting wish you with a smile!! Don’t you think that the smile will automatically reflect on your face too.
2) Do good and good will come back to you— It sound philosophical, isn’t it? But this is true. Have you ever thought why it is said that never think ill of someone? In Bhagwad Gita it is said that do your duties without any expectation of result. You will automatically get good results.
3) Be positive, think positive : Always say yes I can do it rather than saying I will try. One of my teacher says,”Trying is a guaranteed failure.” I have always noticed that when ever I say, yes! I can do it, things work automatically. The subconscious works for you. If your dreams are clear, you will see them coming into realty.

These are the 3 basic principals in which I strongly believe. I say that follow these rules and you will see miracles. It is mentioned in Robin Sharma’s book that follow anything for 21 days and it will become your habit. Follow positive thinking without any negative thoughts for continuous 21 days and then it will become your habit.

Try these things and do let me know whether it works or not!!!

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