Marriage-a speed braker in the path of career.

I just read one article in daily newspaper. The topic discussed in the article was arranged marriage and career. I liked the topic. I thought to write it on my blog.
Girls are not behind men in any career field. You name the field and they are there. It is said that, “behind every successful man there is a woman”. Then who is behind every successful woman? Most of the time, a woman needs to fight for her career. It is very rare that she gets support from her spouse. If a girl is aiming big in her career then why she have to choose between her family and career. It is not the case with men.
A woman can go places if she decide. We have enough examples to prove this. Most of the time till a girl gets married she can concentrate on her career but after marriage the situation changes. There is need for spouse to understand that gone are the days when a girl use to do 10 to 5 job. Now she also have responsibilities. She also wants to be someone.
Whatever is said and written the fact which we see is a girl who wants to go places in her career have to face opposition from her family once she is married. There are few instance which will prove this wrong but those instances are very rare. Either a girl chooses to leave her career for family or sometimes a family for career. Why she can’t have both? Why we can’t accept the concept of house husband? I know, this concept is hard to digest for all of us who are born in a culture of male dominance, but lets accept the fact that time is changing and we need to change with time..

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6 Responses to Marriage-a speed braker in the path of career.

  1. harshal says:

    Hey it was a good one…………but it wud dfntly take some time for people to change their mentality in India……………

  2. Deepa says:

    I agree with Hashal, it will take time to ‘sink in’ in India.. but something teels me, we won’t have to wait too long!

    Keep Writitng! Cheers.


  3. Dilip Naidu says:

    This is a favorite question I ask in corporate interview sessions. Earlier the women candidates generally used to be taken aback and often were unclear of how they would handle this dilemma. But happily that was in the past. Now they are absolutely clear of their future and do not feel that a break in their career can stop them from either re continuing or reinventing their new careers. So times have definitely changed for the better.


  4. l.c. says:

    I don’t think we should accept the concept of a househusband, because we (the world at large) increasingly do not accept the concept of a housewife. As you said, girls today are aiming for careers the same as men are. That means they are not aiming to be housewives. Because it is increasingly not acceptable for women to be housewives any longer. Since it is not acceptable to be a housewife, why should it be acceptable to be a househusband?

  5. Sayli says:

    Very much agreed with l.c. b’coz why anyone men or women should stay home and become housewife or househusband when both can handle house and career together , and many of us are doing the same.
    There are so many couples in India both are working and handle their married life with in laws or without in laws. Problems will always be there but if both will understand each others need and support each other then nobody will be housewife or househusband. And in case of children now a days quality time is important not quantity time. So in this area also both can manage. This is what I think with my experience.

    • Prachiti Talathi says:

      Thanks a lot Sayali for sharing your views with readers. You are right that we need to understand each others needs. The quality time is really important cause if you are giving 10 hours to your child but not understanding him or her needs then it’s of no use. The child should be understood.

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