It Happened in India

Book Name : It Happened In India
Author Name: Kishor Biyani

Kishor Biyani, a man behind Pantaloon, Big Bazaar, Central, etc. and head of Future Group (comprises of many other businesses). He is the one who redefined the retail industry in India.
The book focuses on Kishor Biyani’s journey from Pantaloon to Future Group. He has mentioned his successes as well as his failures. He always believed in learning, un-learning and re-learning. Through out the book he mentioned about his experiences about Indian market and how he applied different strategies to be successful. Big Bazzar was constructed keeping in mind the Indian mentality. We consider shopping as societal gathering.
There are many books written by foreign authors about retail industry, but what Kishorji said is absolutely right that you need to understand the mentality of people in the area to run your business successfully. Kishor Biyani correctly guessed the need of Indian consumers. He studied their mentality and their approach towards buying. He is a strong believer of win-win-win situation. He believed in giving the liberty to take decision to people who are working with him. The liberty was given to all the people in the hierarchy. Employees are allowed to make mistakes and also to learn from them. Kishorji had tremendous faith in himself as well in people working with him.
The book also sheds light on style and philosophy of KB; in fact the book reveals journey toward formation of his business empire: Future Group. One thing that comes to our mind is that he prefers traditional storytelling (long forgotten but getting grounds now) and scenario planning (but less of mathematical and more of empathetical) techniques over (so called) modern technique of power-point presentation for interaction with his team/associates, which is remarkable.
Flow of the book is fairly good; thanks to its co- author Dipayan Baishya, who is a business writer. Many comments are in the nature of self-praise; one of the best points that emerge from the book is a reiteration of having superior human relationships as one needs to deal with people in the end (customers). The biography/autobiography is refreshing, inspiring and motivating. It is in the manner someone in the family would talk to you to pass the wisdom of their experience in life and business. The book should be available in all vernacular languages so that everyone can read and understand it better.

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  1. chaitanya says:

    It is too good book shading lite on consumer behavior in India. I specially liked a challenge set by Mr. Biyani for next 10 years – To bring 5 level organizational hierarchy to 3 levels. This book also gives a sneak chance to “think like CEO”

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