Does time fly?

One day when I was talking with my old friend and we realized that we knew each other for the last 10 years. I felt good that I have such old friends, but when I was sitting alone, I thought does time fly?
We easily say that time flies really fast. How time passes we don’t know. What happens exactly, when we say that time has flown? Does it mean that 24 hours of a day get reduced? No, it’s not true. When I brainstormed over it I realized that we get busy with our life in such a way that we don’t realize how time flies.
We always say that time is the best solution for all problems. As time passes by we tend to forget past. I can say that time is a layer of dust which forms on our memories. As dust layer automatically deletes what ever written, same happens with our memories. New memories suppress old memories. When there is good time we feel that time is too short but when there is bad time we want time to fly. Time never runs fast or slow. It is our own perception towards time.
Just imagine time as a bird, which rides on waves of wind. Wind resembles our good or bad times. If wind is good and free flowing then the bird don’t have to make any effort to fly, but if wind is bad, or flowing in opposite direction a bird have to struggle a lot to reach to his destination. Isn’t our life runs in the same way?

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1 Response to Does time fly?

  1. chaitanya says:

    People say “Time goes”

    Ah! No, “Time stays, We go”

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