Be Positive

Today I am going to say which we have been told over and over again, “always think good”, think positive. Now you will ask me what is different that I am going to tell you. I am not going to tell you any thing different. I am just going to share my thoughts on the same.
Did you ever think that why you always get a thing or face a situation which you don’t want, for which you always keep praying that you should not face it? Eg. Suppose you park your bike in no parking zone and go to a shop to buy few things and you are hoping that you should not be fined for parking at no parking zone. But, unfortunately on that day only you get fined or your vehicle get towed away. You wonder why? Why it did not happen when others park their vehicle there? Why it is with you? The answer is simple that you have attracted it. Yes, your thoughts have attracted this situation. Our thoughts have immense power to get what we want. Mind can not separate between good or bad, right or wrong; it just say ‘Amen’ to what ever we wish for.
If our mind has so much of power then why can not we get the best out of it? Let us bring our dreams into reality. You all must be thinking about how we can do this? There are very simple things which we shall remember and then everything is possible. Always think of what you really want to happen. Let’s say; you want to own a car. When you want to own a car you know of which brand and colour it would be. Then every day when you get up say that I own my car. Close your eyes and imagine how you will feel after owning that car, how will you drive it. Feel the sound of engine. Do this every day, post the image of the car where ever you can see it easily and frequently.
Remember your subconscious mind have a great power. It can really work wonders. You just need to have faith and think positively. I will share my example here, I wanted that one day a speaker should come and tell me that I should speak on the topic. I always use to say this to myself and my friends. Suddenly, one day there was a guest lecture in my college and it happened that the speaker told me to speak on the topic for some time and he also appreciated me. That moment I felt that yes sub conscious mind has got tremendous power. I just have to believe in it and have faith in it. This no where means that you should stop all your efforts and just think. Always remember that EFFORTS + POSITIVE THOUGHTS = DREAMS INTO REALITY
It looks difficult to be positive when there are negative situations around you but a little practice will make you habitual. Let us all say that we all will be positive and think positive. Let’s make this as our motto.

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