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१९ वर्षीय मुलगा बनवतो स्वतःची गाडी

तुमच्या ओळखी-पाळखीत आहे असा एखादा १९ वर्षीय मुलगा आहे, जो भंगार सामानातून केवळ इच्छाशक्तीच्या जोरावर, युट्यूब वर बघून, स्वतःची स्वतः एक कार तयार करू शकतो आणि ते सुद्धा कुठलीच तांत्रिक बाजू नसताना ?
आज भेटूया मुंबईच्या प्रेम ठाकूरला, ज्याने ही करामत करून दाखवली आहे.
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Succession Planning

Though succession planning is a new concept, we can see that it is in existence since medieval. Kings were always worried about getting a good successor for ruling his kingdom. It is really important to get a good successor to a kingdom in that time and for business in today’s time. When terrorists attacked on the Taj in Mumbai, there were many top management people present in there and which as really an awakening call for business community to realise the importance of succession planning. The Article here says about the same in Middle East scenario. Continue reading

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What Exactly is a Business Model?

I read this Article on TASMAC MBA group on Facebook. While reading I realised the concept of busines model is explained in very easy to understand language. I agree with write’r thought that we all use this term but if someone ask us to explain will we be able to explain it in very simple language? Continue reading

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Half man-Half Price

Friends, Today in the morning when I was checking my email I saw one email which was sent to me by one of my friend. I was speechless after reading that mail.

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Be Positive

Today I am going to say which we have been told over and over again, “always think good”, think positive.

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I believe in…

We hear people saying, “I believe in ….” or these are the things on which I will not compromise.. Even I have few things in which I believe. I always try not to compromise with them and I think if … Continue reading

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Integrating culture with strategy

Integrating Culture With Your Strategy by Maria J. Coolican and Jeannette L. Jackson

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Hello Everyone,

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