A Decade (2010 – 2020)

With 2020, another decade is coming to an end. This has been the most eventful decade in my life. It was a journey from a working professional to turning passion into a profession.

2010 – Did MBA(HRM)

2011- Started working as a Legal Assistant. By the end of the year was an office Manager.

2012 – At the end of the year stopped working as an Office Manager as well as Business Setup Consultant.

2013 – Volunteered at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and continued to work for the Litfest.

2014 – Enjoyed to be a part of the Litfest Team.

2015 – 2017 – A lifelong bond was developed with the Litfest Team. Co-authored a book. Became a coordinator of ‘Granth Tumachya Daaari’, an initiative of Kusumagraj Pratisthan.

2018 – Translated a book. Explored opportunities in the literature field. The Litfest became once a year affair.

2019 – Tested the water as a translator.

2020 – This has been a life-changing year. Started working on bringing my dreams into reality.

During this decade met new people, made friends with a few and sadly said a final goodbyes to some. I am thankful for this decade. It has been the most humbling experience. Before stepping into 2021, I must thank four organisations who played a role in making this decade a memorable one –
MESA Management Consultancy, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Granth Tumachya Dari and last but not the least Sahayogi (Literary Consultancy and Service Providers).

Also would like to express my gratitude towards everyone who’s been a part of this journey.

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