Yummy Life On Plate

I love to eat but don’t love to cook, although it does not stop me from reading a good recipe book.

A month ago, I came across a book ‘Yummy life on a plate : Food recipes from Indian kitchen .’ This book has 23 contributors and is compiled by Samata Dey. She has recently conceptualized and compiled another book written by children during the Covid Lockdown days.

It is pleasant to see couple of men in the list of contributors. The book has vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. If one wants to cook meal from starters to desserts then, this a go to book. It has 40 recipes.

Yummy Life On Plate by [Samata Dey]

India is a diverse country. Each region has its own cuisine. This book has recipes from all parts of India. What I loved the most, is all the recipes are in bullet points. This feature makes is easy to focus.

Samata Dey has done a good job with bringing contributors together from all parts of India. A personal story from a contributor narrating the story about the recipe would have added a nice touch to the book. This personal angle will make this book different from other recipe books.

The color of the cover of the book resembles to the color of Indian tri-color. This a nice touch but the cover cold have been more attractive. There are a few page setup mistakes which I am sure will not stop the reader from enjoying the recipe. There is a potential to effectively use the e-book medium.

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  1. Would love to read the book.

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