Globetrotting Unplugged – Ashish Gore

Recently, I read Globetrotting Unplugged written by Ashish Gore. This ebook is a translation of his Marathi book, Jag Firata Firata.

The author is working in a multinational company. He travelled almost forty countries in the world, either for work or for pleasure.

People love to visit different countries but, not all of them can connect with locals. Interacting with locals gives a different perspective of the country. I appreciate Ashish’s ability and ease with which he connects with people from various countries and cultures. It is not something which everyone can do.

The author started writing about his experiences in a story format on Facebook for his family and friends. His family members encouraged him to write a book about this. The book is available in paperback and digital form. It is available in three languages, Marathi, Hindi and English.

The reader can easily connect with the author’s experiences because of simple language and narration style. The stories can teleport a reader to that country.

Some colour photos of the places would have added a personal touch to the ebook. There is a black and white photo at the beginning of each article. A colour photo would have been a better choice.

The ebook producer has effectively adopted the ebook medium. Every title in the index has a hyperlink which directs the reader to the article so the reader can comfortably shuffle between different stories. The ebook is easy to read with scroll read settings.
There are minor grammatical and typo errors, but those do not stop a reader from enjoying the ebook.

The cover of the ebook is attractive. There is a window of a plane showing high-rise buildings outside. A printed version of the book is a coffee table book. The ebook’s cover also has a square shape like a coffee table book, which is impressive and different.

The ebook is suitable for readers of all age group.

This ebook review is a part of Sahayogi’s initiative ‘Aayam’. Visit Aayam’s Facebook page to read more reviews. The book is available for sale on Amazon.

Ebook – Globetrotting Unplugged
Author – Ashish Gore
Publisher – Pallavi Gore
Production – Sahayogi
Price – ₹ 120.00

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