Jean Angle – Atul Mohite

Jean Angle is a short fantasy fiction written by Atul Mohite. The summary of the book generates the interest of a reader to start reading this book.

More than the summary, what interest me was the fact that it was written by an Indian author. We don’t see much YA literature from Indian authors.

The story starts in a city called Zenia. It is a kingdom with a cruel ruler. The only way to end his reign is the prophecy that states “The king will bring down by someone who could see things that others cannot!” That someone turns out to be the son of the Queen of Zenia. His name is Jean.  He grows up in another town named Kala Nagari. He sees things which others cannot and has a scar on his chest.  Readers will have to wait to find if Jean can kill the king of Zenia or there is another twist to the story.

Initially, the plot seems interesting but as I moved on, it became difficult to ignore Covergrammatical and editorial mistakes. The author lost me with these errors. The characters could have been developed better. The cover of the book could also have been better. This story is developed in less than 100 pages so it may have been difficult to develop the plot.  If the author spends little time on developing characters and plot then the sequel can be better.

Overall, I appreciate the effort of the writer to put his thoughts on paper. Waiting for the sequel with little improvement.

I will give 2 points out of 5.

Thank you for Half Baked Beans for giving me an opportunity to review this book.

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