Dance to My Tunes – Tanvi Sinha

‘Dance to My Tunes’ is a collection of 18 short stores written by Tanvi Sinha. The speciality of the book is these stories are all women-centric.


The book tells stories of different women with a twist. The stories are of their relationships and suggest that we cannot and should not stereotype women. The cover of the book matches with the title. The cover depicts a dancer in a dance pose. The colours of the cover are very refreshing. The blurb gives an idea about what to expect from the book. The title will make a perfect sense when a reader finishes reading the book.

The author has narrated these stories in a very intriguing way. The author has focused on real-life issues. These stories touch upon social issues. Sometimes, these stories may surprise you, shock you or disheartened you.

Must You Finish Your Rotten Tea?  is a story of a gal who returns to her parent’s house after a fight with her husband. She was in two minds about filing for a divorce but a simple spoilt tea helps her to reach the conclusion.

I enjoyed the story of a grandma. Grandma Has a Life is a story of not only Sarita but many ladies in Indian society. Their life is always centred around the family but they also do have their own life, their own space and wish to live as per their own wish.

This is just a glimpse of what a reader can expect in the book. It is disheartening that even in 2020 we need to write such stories of women liberation and suppression. All the stories will definitely appeal to the readers.

Thank you for Half Baked Beans for giving me an opportunity to review this book.

Book Title: Dance to My Tunes: A Collection of Short Stories

Author: Tanvi Sinha

Review Edition: Kindle. Click here to purchase

Pages: 221



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4 Responses to Dance to My Tunes – Tanvi Sinha

  1. I too read the book and I agree with you completely

  2. I will definately read it…. to know the twist in women lives

  3. Shreyasi says:

    Very well written dear

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