Get Published in Literary Magazines – Allison Williams

I was searching for some information about how to write a writing proposal. There is loads of information available online. Front CoverWhile reading all the information, I was wondering if anyone has consolidated this information. And then came across the name of Allison K. Williams who was attending the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, 2020. She has edited and coached authors to deals with Big Five publishers and inspired thousands of writers with her Brevity blogs.
She has written this book based on her experience. The book prepares you for each step in getting published. Getting published is not a lottery but it is an outcome of focused efforts made towards it.
Allison holds your hand and practically guide you in achieving your dream. At the beginning of the book, Allison tells you to get rid of the self-doubt. There are little self-exercises for readers. Allison advises its readers to treat failure as a learning opportunity. Each failure will help you in improving your writing.

This is entirely a no-nonsense, practical guide to set foot in the world of published writers.

I highly recommend this book to all the aspiring writers. The book is available for sale on Amazon

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