Stripes Recruitment – Luke Melia

Stripes has a dream… one simple dream, to get a job that challenges him and utilises his skills. Sadly, he’s held back by the fact that he’s a tiger in a human world.

20200124_115317Stripes Recruitment is a short and easy read. In the story, the tiger is looking for a dream job in the human world. Mr Stripes is looking for a job change. Eventually, he ended up in starting his own business of a recruitment consultancy.

The entire story appeared to me as a metaphor. Stripes is a metaphor for employees struggling to find their dream job or looking for a job change. The story tells a secret that every one of us that special spark within us which will make a superhero of our own life.

The story is easy to read and must say it hold readers attention till the end. The characters are developed in such a lucid manner that every reader may find something in common with these characters.

I highly recommend this book to all my book lover friends. You can easily read it on your journey to your work. It is difficult to confine this book to a specific genre.

I got this book as a part of a review program in Outset. To buy your copy of the book visit Amazon 

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