Hat Trilogy by Jon Klassen

The Hat Trilogy book series by John Klassen includes books I Want My Hat Back, This is Not My Hat, and We Found a Hat. The series is suitable for the 3+ age group.

91ZwBk32jdLIn the first book, the bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. He asks every animal he meets and the answer is no. The story is completely in dialogue.

This is Not My Hat is a second book in the series. A tiny fish shows in a view with a hat which perfectly fits him. Visual humour swims through the entire book. download

We Found a Hat is the last book in the series. In this book, turtles found the hat. But they are two and the hat is one. This buildup of the story takes an unexpected turn.

28473874._SX318_All the books are an interesting read.

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  1. indiacafe24x7 says:

    Lovely books it seems

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