I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly

I believe I can touch the sky

No, I am not singing. I am talking about the activity, which I did today. I had a flight simulation experience with Dream Aero at the Festival City Mall, Dubai. I was in the cockpit of Boeing 737 in the co-pilot’s seat. 20200106_115554

I have been selected by the Surkus app for this experience. I had to book my appointment 24 hours in advance. I was requested to be present at the centre 15 minutes before my allotted time. When I reached there, I was requested to fill in a form asking about my details. Afterwards, an experienced instructor pilot directed me to the cockpit. As soon as he opened the cockpit door, I kept looking at all the switches there. Before today, I never entered a cockpit of any flight. The pilot showed me the seat of a co-pilot. He explained a few switches and levers to me. He said I will be taking off and landing the flight. 

20200106_115627I carefully listened to what the pilot had to say. After all, passengers safety was my responsibility. He explained to me what is Primary Flight Display (PFD), control wheel (yoke), levers to thrust the engine, landing gear, etc. Now it was time for the real test. I had to push levers to give the thrust to the engine. Once the engine had enough power, I pulled the yoke. AND… I successfully took off the flight. No damage reported. 

After flying for some time, it was time for returning. Now, I had to take a U-turn and land the plane. The pilot explained the landing procedure. First, I had to turn the yoke to 10 degrees left, then slowly aligned the flight to the runway. Gradually, decreased speed and opened the flaps. I completed each and every step and did a smooth landing. 

20200106_194210The pilot complimented me saying, I was better as a first-timer. Once I landed, I clicked some snaps because who knows when will be in the cockpit again. Absolutely high on excitement. It is a must-have experience. Dream Aero not only showed me a trailer of flying but also gave me a certificate too.

I understood that precision, alertness and attention are the keys. Hats off to those who know how to fly a plane or a helicopter. 

To conclude, I am giving a treat to readers. Click here to view a basic introductory video about flying.





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  1. It’s just superb….must experience.

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