Evie Everyday Witch – Elena Paige

Who says that children’s books must be read when you are a child! I recently read a book written by Elena Paige. The book is about a witch, but don’t be afraid she is not a cruel witch. It is a story of Evie Everyday. She always wanted to go to a school where normal kids go. Evie has been to the witches’ school called Pergoria. There she learned about making potions, flying on a broomstick and how to disappear and reappear in different places. Evie didn’t enjoy learning about this. Cover Page book 1
Evie loved reading books. She read in those books that normal kids learn about Maths, English and Geography. However, things change when her family move to a new town called Wyndemere. She found out that there is a school for normal kids in the town. She manages to convince her parents to send her to Wyndemere Elementary.
Don’t forget that Evie was a witch. How can she have things which do not do magic? She also had a cat which can turn into a diary, a bat who can turn into eyeglasses, magic corn and of course magic wand. In the new school, Evie does everything to be like normal students. She decides not to use magic in daily life.
But then what’s the fun in reading such a simple book if a witch does not do magic and do not face problems? So the author has sprinkled some problems in Evie’s life too.
What was the problem? Who helps Evie in solving the problem? I cannot answer these questions because I am under a spell of non-disclosure.
Thank you BookSirens, for allowing me to read the free copy. This book is a part of the Secret Magic series written by Elena Paige.
This book is suitable for the age group 8-12. I give 4 points to this book out of 5.

You can buy the book here.

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2 Responses to Evie Everyday Witch – Elena Paige

  1. So cute and perfect review

  2. The witch is adorable 💕

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