Period and Emotions -Mukesh Kumar Shahi (Kindle)

The book is about the menstrual cycle and changes happening in women’s body. The intentions of the author are very good however it failed to meet readers’ expectations. A reader may note a few repetitions of the information which is confusing. A little more research will be helpful. It seems like the author has tried to fit as much as he can in the book. I am disappointed with the read.

The book title is good to generate interest of the reader to flip through the book. The cover very simple and does not reflect the title. The blurb has a list of questions which gives the impression to find all the answers inside.

The book needs serious editing. It has many grammatical errors.

Few sentences fail to convey what the author wants to say. These errors put the reader off from reading in the first couple of pages.

The subject is good, the intention is good but a proper arrangement of the information is needed. More scientific facts and figures are welcomed.

The topics are not following any logical sequence. There is one topic about water crystals. I couldn’t connect this chapter with periods except understanding the effect of negative emotions.

I may sound brutal but I didn’t enjoy the book. I had many expectations from the book but grammatical error and serious lack of editing put me off from enjoying the read. The author has a good intention to educate society about the menstrual cycle but a more scientific approach is required.


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