A Story Between the Lines -Santhosh Sivraj

‘Thoughts cannot solve any problems. They are the problems themselves.’

Adi is a freelance coder from the metropolitan. Nila a naive, pure soul from a small village. Both are miles away yet destiny brings them together to separate them again.

screenshot_20191103-090530_amazon-kindle.jpgThe title ‘A Story Between the Lines’ gives an impression of some hidden plot or the twist in the story. The cover supports the impression. The cover image gives two sides of a coin. The image of a forest suggests a good and happy side of the story but the other picture gives the image of destruction. Reader opens the book with these images in mind. The story does justice to that picture.

The author has used simple language. The sentence construction leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader. He has been able to convey the message.

Adi and Nila are the main characters of the story. While wandering on the bike, Adi reaches to the jungle. He had to take shelter in a treehouse. He meets Nila there. Nila loves to spend her time in the treehouse. Nila has always been in the village far away from the city. The villagers are content and happy people. They are also very naive. Adi has spent his life in the city. He is used to hustling and bustling of the city life. He falls in love with the simplicity of Nila. She makes him realise that happiness is the default state of mind. After marriage, they move to the city. Intially Nila finds it difficult to adjust with the city life. The story grabs the attention of the reader and suddenly surprise them with a twist.

The story is not full fictional. There is a subtle message which every character gives about life and happiness. It is a good mix of fiction and self-help. A reader will easily connect with the story. The story is not simple but has a message hidden in it. The reader must read ‘between the lines’.

The author has written a few sentences which may want you to pause and think. My favourite sentence is – ‘ If you don’t plan your time, the world may plan it for you. It sometimes comes in the form of your boss, friend, family, your television or even your bed.’

The author is successful in passing on his message to the reader. I enjoyed reading the book. The target audience for this book will be anyone from young adult to adult.

Thank you Rakhi for giving me an opportunity to review this book. “I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset” 

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6 Responses to A Story Between the Lines -Santhosh Sivraj

  1. Indiacafe24 says:

    Great Review. Gives a clear summary about what exactly the story is all about

  2. You have shown the imagery of forest which lies subtle in the story.

  3. Indiacafe24 says:

    Good review and perfect analysis of the story

  4. Venkitesh VR says:

    Nice review

  5. Sadhana says:

    Nicely written.. you highlighted the better parts of the book well..

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