Life in the Sunshine – T. Sathish

The book is about three friends and cricket. The life events of three friends run along with the Indian Cricket matches. Sam, Trib and Sat(Author) are cricket crazy friends. Sam starts playing cricket at different levels. Trib hopes to be a commentator and Sat tries to work hard and make a place in the cricket team. The title gives the impression that it is an autobiography however, it seems it is a work of fiction. I didn’t find this book interesting. It felt that I am reading the old commentaries of cricket matches which India played internationally. If you are a die-hard cricket fan then this book is for you.

The book title says it is an autobiography however it is a work of fiction. The title confuses a reader. The cover is simple and suits the title. The blurb gives little idea about what’s inside.

There are a few mistakes in editing and typos. Language is simple and easy to understand.

Cricket is the central theme of the book. This is a story of three friends. They are obsessed with cricket. Sam was a good player and played at different levels. Trib wanted to be a commentator because he didn’t want to make required physical efforts to be a cricketer. Sat (the author) was trying his best to be better in the game. Ravi Shashtri winning the Audi developed Sat’s interest in the game. Life of these three friends runs between cricket events happening in Indian cricket history.

Sat narrates the book as if it is his autobiography. Because of the title, a reader may pick up the book considering it as non-fiction. Same happened with me. It took me some time to realise that it is a fiction. The language is simple and easy to read. Many times I felt as if I am reading the match commentary in the writing.

There is no specific message the author tries to give to its readers or society at large. Unless you are a die-hard cricket fan this book may disappoint you. I didn’t find this book to hold my interest to read till the end.


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