Numi – The Guarded Loop –

The book is a blend of self-help and fiction. Two girls Nuha and Minha are the main characters of the book. Minha is a life coach and an expert in past life regression. Nuha was going through some trouble in her life and coach Minha helps her using past life regression technique. The story keeps shifting between past and present. At times it became difficult to keep track of the timeline of the story. The language is simple and easy to understand. However, there are some typos and editing mistakes which could be avoided. The title gives no idea about the story of the book but the cover gives some hints about what to expect.

Numi-The Guarded LoopCover Image: – Bird catches the eye. However, no connection of it in the story, The word loop gives an idea that the book may talk something about infinity. The eye depicted in the dot makes it look like a third eye on the forehead of Lord Shiva.  However, the cover image does not give any idea about the inside story.

Language: few typos initially, language editing has some scope, most of the text is in italics, makes it little disturbing and difficult to keep track of what’s happening.

Drama and Gist:  Nuha and Minha are the main characters of the story. There are other characters come to develop the story forward. The central theme of the book is healing oneself through past life regression. However, while reading flashbacks which Nuha gets are too many to drag attention from the present. because of the flashbacks and the story going back and forth, I found it difficult to imagine a smooth flow.

Evaluation: the author tried her best to give a good fiction book based on a topic of self-help. this is a good read for those who like to read about self-help and love fiction.




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