The Caged Tigress- Dr. Arundhati Hinge

41dzk5w8nrl._sx311_bo1,204,203,200_The book starts with 19th Century by birth of Manikarnika (Manu), later known to history as ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’. The chapter talks about the British rule, the childhood of Manu and her dream of an independent nation. The next chapter teleports the reader to the present time where Adya wakes up with a dream.

Adya is a well-educated girl. Her father puts a marriage proposal in front of her. There no pressure on her to marry. She meets the guy and falls in love with him. She loves his caring and loving nature. However, after the marriage, she gets a shock of her life. She sees the dark side of her husband. She gets confused, unable to understand the reasons behind his behaviour and change in nature. She goes into depression and seeks her friend’s advice about a divorse. At this time the author introduces the main theme of this book, ‘Emotional Abuse’. Emotional abuse is not visible and difficult to understand. People are unaware of it. The author is trying to create awareness of emotional abuse.

The story of Adya and Manu runs parallel in the book with some points in common. Dr. 81eyflcmcmlHinge has done a good fantastic job of weaving a beautiful story while teleporting readers between 19th Century and a present day.  Although the relationship between Adya and Manu is not clear in this book. Readers will have to wait for the second book in the series to understand their relationship.

I give 3 stars to this book out of 5.  The book is available for purchase on Amazon in kindle and paperback format. To more about the author please visit her website or follow her on facebook or on Twitter

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