What did 2018 give me?

It sounds so philosophical to say  I was introspecting about the year gone by but honestly, I am just making a list of happy moments in 2018:

  1. Travelled to 3 new countriesdownload1
  2. Experienced a Scuba Diving
  3. Snorkelled in the open sea
  4. Did Kayaking
  5. Walked barefoot on the island
  6. Stayed in the overwater villa
  7. Started writing book reviews for a couple of publishers
  8. Explored opportunities as a Translator
  9. Made new friends
  10. Read and reviewed the highest number of books ever in a year. Click here to see my year in books.
  11. We started carrying our own plates for outings and home parties, take our own containers to buy lentils and spices from stores, take my own bag for vegetable shopping
  12. Made almost successful attempt of making a toothpaste at home.
  13. Learned to speak in Sanskrit
  14. I was more regular with my exercise than before.

The list makes me happy. Such an eventful positive new year. In the new year, I want to learn new skills, add new experiences to my life and explore new places.

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