Once Upon A Genie – Durriya Kapasi

Once upon a Genie is a debut novel of Durriya Kapasi. It is a story about a Genie and three wishes.

This story revolves around 3 characters -Daisy, Darren and Khalil, the genie. Daisy’s grandmother gives her Khalil as her last wish. As always, he grants three wishes to Daisy. I leave it to readers to find out what Daisy asks. Darren was Daisy’s friend. At least she thinks like that but he secretly loves her. I will not give any spoilers here. 51HOQh5c-iL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_

How I wish I get such a cute and a handsome genie, who will grant me my three wishes. Rather than three wishes can he give me some super powers or show me some tricks? I will also love to see the Genie land. Oppss… am I giving out some hints about the story?

The story is very good. Plots are interesting and the characters are very well described.  The sequel of the book is recently launched. To buy books by Durriya Kapasi click here.

Thank you Half Baked Beans for giving me the opportunity for the review.

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