Daredreamers – A start-up of superheroes

A good page-turner and an interesting read!

Daredreamers starts with a story of Rasiq, an Investment Banker. He was the only one shortlisted to join a big firm through campus interview. This is good enough to give readers an idea about his intelligence.

During the first month with an organisation, he struggles a lot. He hardly gets time to meet his girlfriend or even to rest. Gradually, he started working for the money. Over a period, he became arrogant because of the money he was earning.

Until this time, readers will start turning pages wondering what is going happen next? But there is a twist in the story. Rasiq’s life takes a surprising turn. He quits his job.

51HKwVop0FL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_He finds four young partners with extraordinary qualities; Nick- a crazy inventor, Halka (name reminds me of the Hulk) – a super strong person, Arjun- a sharpshooter, Natasha- stunt-lady and MD Vyom- a medical detective. Along with these passionate people, he starts a high-tech security services company, Daredreamers.

With initial hiccups, the company achieves success. Secret enemies are the by-product of success. Rasiq and his team become a threat to another player in the industry. Rakeysh Aurora is a Chairman of G-Force, another security company. Daredreamers poses a threat to the G-Force. Rakeysh hires a person who runs a PR company. His company does not build a reputation of the client but helps the client to destroy the reputation of its competitors.

Rakeysh offers to buy out Daydreamers. When Rasiq and his team denies the offer this corporate way takes a dirty turn. In the end, like all Bollywood movies, the hero and his team win. Readers will find all elements of surprise, love, action, drama, suspense, revenge and victory.

Authors have done a fantastic job of writing this story of superheroes. It is one seat read. I will give it a rating of 5.

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