Time Crawlers – Varun Sayal

Are you a sci-fi fan? Then this book of short stories is for you. Time travel, Artificial Intelligence, Djinn are some of the themes of the sci-fi stories. 

The stories are a fast read. They make the reader think that there is a parallel universe is in existence. Time travel within galaxies looks daily affair. The author has narrated a few stories in the interview manner.

40540847._UY500_SS500_Nark-Astra, the hell weapon, Death by Crowd, Genie, Time Crawlers, Eclipse, and The Cave are the six stories. I liked the story Death by Crowd. It shows the dark age of the internet and crypto-currencies. It is set in the interview manner.

The story Genie is also set in an interview manner but I felt it has no proper closure. It sounded more like a small stage script than a story. Also in the story, the author has used an abbreviation of two main characters names.

The first story is very well narrated but the author has rushed through the remaining five stories. There is a scope for the elaboration of the stories. Also, some more editing will add value to the stories.

As a first book, it is a commendable effort. Everyone cannot think and write about the parallel universe, time travel, life on another planet and galaxies.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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