What Will People Think – Rashi Dubey

We let go of our dreams because we think too much about ‘What people will think?’ Societal pressure is dangerous in a typical middle-class society. Parents want their children either to be a doctor or an engineer. Little do they expect them to be a commerce graduate. A degree in Arts is a big no-no. In such a situation, you can imagine what Riya must have gone through. Riya is the main character in the book ‘What will people think?’ Rishabh, Riya’s brother is an ideal son according to their parents. After 12th grade Riya’s parents wanted both of them to study science. They want Rishabh to be an engineer and Riya to be a doctor. But Riya wanted to be a painter. Her parents always thought that painting is just her hobby.

Riya decides to challenge their decision. She decides to graduate in fine arts with painting as her major subject. In the final year, her painting opens a door of opportunities. She gets a chance to work in one of the biggest art houses in Delhi. Parents were against her decision to move to Delhi, the reason being Log kya kahenge? (What will people think?). 41FJC9lDhaLAfter she moves to Delhi her parents and brother cut all ties with her. She makes new friends who become her family. She does two jobs to earn enough to survive.

Hard work always pays. Riya gets a promotion and no more needed to do two jobs.  But does she meet her parents? Do her parents forgive her? to find answers to these questions you must read this book by Rashi Dubey.

The story grabs readers attention from the first page. It is a quick and easy read. The language is simple. I finished reading the book in one sitting. I will give it a score of 4/5.

Thank you Half Baked Beans to give me an opportunity to review this book. The book is available for purchase on the Amazon

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2 Responses to What Will People Think – Rashi Dubey

  1. Rashi says:

    Thank you for a wonderful review. I am so happy you liked my book 🙂

  2. Rashi says:

    Reblogged this on Life Relationships Redefined by Rashi Dubey and commented:
    Another review of ‘What Will People Think?’
    In her words, “We let go of our dreams because we think too much about What people will think?” and I absolutely agree with her. Hold onto your dreams!
    Thanks a lot for your appreciation 🙂

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