I Shall Always Love You – Shilpa Jain

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think you can have a memory from the past life? Dr Brain Weiss has proved that your past life as some impact on your present life. 

This book exactly taps this essence. This is a story of Shiv Sanyal, son of a business tycoon. He is not interested in the business but he is an artist. Once he sees a lady in one of the parties at his home. He immediately feels connected to her and he makes a sculpture of her. When the sculpture is displayed, one of the experts in the field blames that the sculpture is copied and not the original creation of Shiv.

I-shall-always-Love-You-199x300Shiv decides to visit Khajuraho in search of the original sculpture. This journey takes him to his past life. What happens there in Khajuraho is a must read.

When I was reading the book I could connect the crux of the story with the book ‘Many lives many masters’. People whom you meet in your past life may cross your path in this life. Everyone person whom you meet in present life has a purpose in your life. As the story starts unfolding in the second part I could easily connect it with the characters in the first part. The first part of the story develops readers interest to know what happens next.

This is an easy read. The suspense is very well maintained till the end. I will give it 3.5/5.

Thank you Half Baked Beans for giving me the opportunity to review the book. The book is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.

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