Happiness Is All We Want- Ashutosh Mishra

There are many self-help books written on the topic of happiness. The life has been more stressful and happiness has become the most sought-after commodity. ‘Happiness is all I want’, is the mantra of the day. A few days back I came across a book on happiness. 

Ashutosh Mishra, a banker turned writer wrote a comprehensive book on happiness. The title is ‘Happiness is all we want’.  He focuses on three main aspects of life – mind, body and soul. He emphasizes focusing on all these aspects in toto. Focusing only on one aspect will not help to achieve the happiness. happiness

I found this book as a thesis written on the subject of happiness. He tried to touch every aspect of each element. Sometimes I felt bogged down by the content but the story after the content helped to understand the matter. He also gave tips which if followed can relieve stress. Less stressful life means a happy life. The book suggests that the happiness is within us. We need to connect with ourselves first before looking for happiness in the outside world.

I suggest reading this book as a comprehensive guide to happiness. The author has introduced all the concepts in this book.  After following all the techniques, the reader will soon find his own path of happiness.

Thank you Booktasters Nonfiction and Ashutosh Mishra for giving me an opportunity to review this book. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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