Take Off Your Shoes- Ben Feder

Take Off Your Shoes“Take off Your Shoes” is a story of one year sabbatical of Ben Feder and his family. Ben was a successful CEO of a company in New York. He is always on travel for business. He was not able to spend time with his family and was suffering on the personal front.  The term “Take Off Your Shoes” is used as a metaphor in this book.

His wife, Victoria plants a seed of taking a family sabbatical for a year. Initially, it was difficult for Ben to agree to this plan. Later on entire family takes a sabbatical in Bali. In the book, Ben writes about his journey of self-discovery. He learns meditation, painting and yoga in Bali. He spends more time with his family and reconnects to his children.

The cover of the book has some calming effect. Ben and his family return to New York after a year but with a different perspective towards life.  You can read more about Ben Feder on https://benfederauthor.com/author

Thank you, NetGalley for giving me an opportunity to read and review this wonderful book.

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