Searching for the Summer- Martin Lloyd

Martin was a commercial pilot and riding a motorcycle was his hobby. One day he met with an accident on his last leg of journey riding back home. The accident leaves him badly disfigured. Doctors declared him unfit to fly ever again. Searching for the summer

In this book Martin narrates his recovery from the accident and becoming a flying examiner with American Aviation Academy. After the accident he became totally dependent on his wife Anna. In the book, he confessed how he failed to understand what Anna was going through. It was not easy for her to be with him always. This is a story of determination, dedication and will power.

There is a red motorcycle on the cover of the book, which do not reveal the story. The cover gives reader an idea that this book is about a journey.  The journey of a struggle to pursue a passion and will to do anything to get back to flying. When I read about the journey of Martin, I was speechless.

Thank you Netgalley for giving me an opportunity to read and review this inspirational book which I would not have read otherwise.


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