Social Media – boon with a side effect.

Social media is,” websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

This is a very broad definition of social media, but when we say social media what comes to our mind first is Facebook, twitter, youtube and may be LinkedIn or some other online forums. Without a second thought you all will agree that yes we spend lots of time on social media. It causes less interaction among people. People are not using these media sites responsibly.

I slightly disagree here.  I believe that these social media can be a boon or a curse it depends on how we use it. It is beneficial in many ways; any information can be communicated from one person to the entire world within few moments.  It is that branch of media where you do not need to know how to write in flowery language or you need not be an expert writer. Social media is a place where you can express yourself. You can share your views with others very easily.

Social media is a beneficial when it comes to expressing your views about any issues in your community. I would like to quote a small example here where people in India came together for ‘Swatch India’ (Cleanliness Drive) project.

People, who are searching for a job or companies looking for candidates, are benefited by job search sites such as Linkedin or different online forums. You can directly apply to the jobs. Companies can also source candidates directly by looking at the profile of candidates. These sites are also used for referral check, so be careful about what you say and share online.

We saw all the benefits of the social media. Also let’s look at the negative side of social media. The first and foremost important thing is people waste lot of time on these social media networking sites.  Most of this time is spent on chatting on the topics of least important. I agree that these sites help people to keep in touch with each other but on the other hand people are losing personal touch with each other.

Still I am a firm believer that social media, if used with responsibility, is the best thing to gain knowledge, learn and keep in touch with our loved ones.

** (Published in Gulf News, The Views section on November 1, 2014)

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