Which team do you support?

We were discussing about the Cricket World Cup 2015. The discussion started of course with India v/s Pakistan match.
While discussing about it we came to a point which team you should support? I said the one which I like. It will be my choice. He said no. According to him you have to support your national team or if you are holding citizenahip of any other country then that country you have to support. Such as, if you are Indian and having Australian citizenship then support Australia.

What do you think? Team of choice or team of your passport holding country?

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1 Response to Which team do you support?

  1. mrinalkashikar says:

    If its a support just in the form of cheering, one must support every good player as a good sportsman himself / herself!! because, there lies the real sportsmanship to appreciate the rival team if they play well without losing your spirit for your own nation’s team! I really can’t much authentically speak about the host and guest country as I have never been outside India. But, even if I travel in future, my heart bound to remain Indian and with Team India!!

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