With power comes responsibility

‘With power comes responsibility’. No this is not a statement from the famous movie Spiderman but this is what I want to convey Indian Politicians who forcefully tried to break a fast of a Muslim fasting. And now everyone  is discussing whether those ministers should say sorry or not?? Will they discuss the same thing if a common man who has no political backing does the same?

Do you understand that India is a secular country and every person has a right to follow the religion which they want to follow and others should respect it. Now these ministers are trying to cover their act by saying there is a corruption in the canteen and they were protesting against it. These are two different issues. If it would have been a common man doing this, police would have immediately arrested that person and taken legal against. Why the issue is discussed if ministers should say sorry? Why the law is different for politicians and the common man. If a common man says sorry for the same act will that be accepted.

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