Handbook of 21 Major Laws for Businessmen – Hemant Deshpande

It is always useful for a businessman to know laws applicable for the business. It is challenging to learn and remember all the laws and their provisions. Hemant Deshpande’s ‘Handbook of 21 Major Laws for Businessmen’ comes as a handy reference guide.

This ebook helps entrepreneurs in understanding various business laws applicable in India.  It focuses on 21 major laws such as The Bombay Shops & Establishment Act, The Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Bonus Act, etc. Addition of financial laws such as GST or Income Tax will give an edge to the ebook.

Despite of editorial and proofreading corrections certain aspects of ebook format makes it easier for a reader to refer the book such as hyperlinks given to the text makes it easier to visit relevant websites. I hope that the author takes an advantage of ebook format and keep the book updated with latest developments on the laws mentioned in the book.

This book review is a part of Sahayogi‘s Aayam initiative. For more reviews, please do visit Aayam’s Facebook page.

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