Lockdown Kaleidoscope – Samata Dey

Corona pandemic has brought everything at a standstill. Not only adults but children are also having a tough time. Children, especially, are suffering the most. They can’t go out, meet their friends, socialise, no schools either.

Samata has come forward with relief. She engaged these kids in writing. Children from class 1 to class 12 expressed their experiences about the pandemic and the lockdown. The book has 14 poems and 12 stories.

Lockdown KaleidoscopeThe illustrations in the book are good. I liked the poem ‘Lockdown Summer’ written by Anwesha Ghosh. The story written by Adrija Paul is also worth to mention.

Children writing this did a good job. The scroll read setting would have made this book easy to read without any interruption. A little attention should have been given to the editing. There are some unnecessary spaces between alphabets and words. At a few places, emoji’s are not printed.

However, I must compliment all children writers and  Samata for compiling this.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon India

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