Tikri’s Fiasco – Rishav

This story is about undercover officers working in Sindhustan and neighbouring countries around Kasht Desert. The story is based on imaginary countries and situations. Rishav, the author, started this book initially as a short story but as he proceeds further he realised that it is not possible to cover everything in a short story.

On the cover of the book, I saw a map of India and neighbouring countries. It gave me an impression that the book may be a work of fact-based fiction. But the author claims it is not.  The novel is based on the Operation Kathua. One one hand the author claims that it is a work of fiction but on the other hand names of countries creates some confusion. The resemblance of countries name is too obvious.

At the beginning of the book, the author has given a list of all the characters and the organisations they work for.  The story grabbed my attention at few places. Though at some places alias names of characters are used along with their original names. I found that very confusing and I had to refer to the list the beginning of the book.  The book disappointed me with some typo errors in the beginning.

The author has done a good job with this book. The book is available for buying on Amazon

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  1. Thanks for your honest views 🙂

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