I recently came across a term called ‘bibliotherapy’. I heard this term for the first time recently when I was preparing for a radio show. I received ‘The Novel Cure’ and ‘The Story Cure’ to prepare for the show.

At first glance, Novel Cure didn’t appeal me because of the cover. I regretted my first opinion after reading first few pages of the book, which explained about the purpose of the book. On contrary, Story Cure has a nice illustrated cover. There are beautiful black and white illustrations across the book.

Ella and Susan both were the students of literature. They used to recommend books to each other. In 2008 they set up bibliotherapy service in London.

The Novel Cure recommends books for every ailment may it be stabbing your toe, acrophobia, boredom or midlife crises. Whatever is your condition, there is only one cure – read a book.

The Story Cure recommends books for all children ailments such as going to new school, growing in a home without books, loosing your first teeth, etc. Parents can give books to their kids to make them understand the situation. The book also recommend few books to parents to deal with few ailments.

Books are the best therapy is what we know but for the first time I came to know that there is a therapy called as bibliotherapy. Brilliant concept. These books are must have on all bookshelves of schools, libraries and every book lovers home. A handy guide for everyone, a book lover or not.

The Novel Cure                 The Story Cure

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