Sharing is the key

October 10  is declared as World Mental Health Day by World Health Organisation (WHO). The objective is to raise awareness about mental health issues around the world. Mental health means emotional and psychological well being of a person. There is enough material available to read on this topic.

When I started observing people around me, I realised that sometime an individual is responsible for creating these mental health issues for oneself. I met people, who never like to share what’s on their mind. People don’t like to talk to each other. If you are not comfortable with sharing your thoughts / feelings with others at least find a confidant or you can write them down. Expressing yourself is the key! Sometimes a person or your  spouse may observe your behavior, notice changes in you and ask you. Please share your thoughts with the person. Another reason I see for not sharing is – ‘what others will think about me? ‘. We are afraid that other will judge us based on our feelings. In this case you need to find some good friends who will not judge you but will respect your feelings.

Another reason why we hesitate to share is our upbringing. In a family as a child if you are not allowed to share your thoughts or express your emotions in front of everyone then you may face these issues. Crying, feeling low is good sign that you are fit. Crying is not a sign of weakness, please bear in mind.

I met people who feel that if they express themselves, then may be they will be bothering other person with their own problems. Let me tell those people that may be if you share you will feel relaxed, may be you will find a solution to your situation. Friends are the best people, who will not mind you sharing your feelings / thoughts with them.

Keeping everything within is always harmful. Mental issues has no specific symptoms. But if you pay attention then you can see them. Early detection is the only key. Always you should observe yourself. Self observation gives you answer of many things .

Now a  days everyone is busy with smart technology, but this technology is not helping us to connect to the real world, real people around us. We may be talking to a person hundreds of miles away from us but a person sitting next to us is feeling lonely or sad and we don’t even see it. Acceptance is also important. There is no harm in accepting that you are not in perfect state of mind. Once you have accepted it, you can easily look for the solution.

Everyone like to some activity or have some hobbies. Try to find time for them which will help you get away from day to day stress and fatigue.

Always remember a simple math equation – Share your joy it multiplies & share your sorrow it divides.


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