Does name makes a difference?

We call Him by different names. The name tells which religion He belongs to. We fight on His religion. But does that change what He want us to learn? What He taught us?

He want us to be a good human being, a person who respect other person, treat everyone equally. We forgot the fundamental of his teachings and now we all are interpreting His teachings as we think are right. Then we argue, fight and kill each other based on those interpretations.

What are we trying to achieve by doing all this?? Does He know the answer? If ever, I meet Him, I want to ask him what were You thinking when You created this World? Did you expect it to be divided in various religion? Did you think that your loved ones will kill each other in your name?

I just have questions for Him, because He also will not have the answer to these questions. We need to find an answer ourselves by logical and simple thinking. Opps… I forgot that even this logical and simple thinking is divided based on separation by religion.

What do you think?

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