The Sleepless Beauty- Rajesh Talwar

The Sleepless Beauty is the story of a princess who couldn’t sleep. Princess Ramya was a princess of the Bangara. When she was born a saint predicted her future. He said that she will suffer from sleeplessness.

The sleeplessness of the princess started soon after the death of her mother. The princess was the only heir to the kingdom. All neighbouring kingdoms waiting for the right opportunity to invade the Banagara Kingdom. Eventually, the princess grows old. She is healthy but because of not enough sleep, she was not able to focus and felt little dizzy in her head. 44769300

Normally as it happens in all the fairy tales, the king decides to hold a competition to find a groom for his daughter. The condition was the prince must be able to put the princess to sleep. Now here is a little modern twist in the story.

Unlike old fairy tales, where any prince or king is allowed to come and participate in the competition, here prince will first send his CV and his sketch. Ramya will then shortlist who will participate in the competition. Ramya shortlists 3 princes from the neighbouring kingdom. One is a doctor, one is a yoga expert and one has no special qualification like two others.

Readers must read to know does the princess manage to sleep? Who wins the competition?

The story is a modern twist to the old fairytales. Little mystery and little fun. The author kept the language simple and easy to read. However, the Kindle edition has no pictures. Few pictures will make this book more appealing for the younger generation. I can recommend this book to six-seven-year-old kids.

Overall a good book. I give 4 stars out of 5.

Thank you Rakhi for giving me an opportunity to review this book. “I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset

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