The Psychology of Time Travel – Kate Mascarenhas

A must read sci-fi murder mystery. 

This story is based on four ladies scientists – Barbara, Margaret, Grace and Lucille. These ladies are super talented. In 1967, this team invents the first time machine. They first try to send small objects. Before making a public announcement the team decides to travel first and test the machine. But after the trial, one of the team members suffers the breakdown. This is the starting point of the entire mystery.  Book Cover

Ruby, grand-daughter of Barbara knows that her granny is one of the pioneers of the invention. But she also knows that Barbara never spoke about it. One day, Barbara receives a newspaper clipping about the death of a mysterious lady.

In 2018, Odette, a volunteer at the museum discovers a body in the museum, blood everywhere. The crime scene and the mystery hound her.  The story has to find answers to two main questions who was murdered and who is a murderer? The author has very well brought different personalities of these four scientists. It is interesting to read how each character behaves in every situation. These time travellers face different psychological issues, which has been put forward by the author.  For eg. as a time traveller, you can meet all your present and past selves at any time. I am not sure what will be my reaction if I am that time traveller.

Back CoverThe story also travels through different time spans. The reader needs to focus on the timeline while reading each chapter. The story has raised some interesting points about the time travel. Time travel may be easily possible in the future. The story creates a parallel legal framework to address different crimes considering the fact that a crime may happen different time span. Also, there is a possibility of playing with the evidence, change the crime scene. There is a need for a different currency for time travellers. The author has created a different glossary which is used by time travellers and easily understood by others who are not time travellers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi murder mystery with a psychological angle to it. If you are a fan of murder mystery then this book is definitely for you.

Thank you, NetGalley for giving me a chance to read a wonderful mystery book.

I give 4 / 5 to this book.



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3 Responses to The Psychology of Time Travel – Kate Mascarenhas

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  2. The book covet itself is intriguing

  3. Time travel and that too with 4 female scientists …. wow what an interesting plot. The review is worthy enough to encourage me to read this book

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