The Surrogate Lies- Shantanu Munshi

‘The Surrogate Lies’ has 3 main characters. Paul – a writer, Raj – a driver and Hazare – a self-proclaimed consultant. They all come from different paths of life. The only connection Raj and Paul has with each other is they know Hazare. Hazare takes them on an adventure and the story begins. 36559036

Throughout the book, I was intrigued by the character of Hazare. I found him a little eccentric. I wanted to know more of him. Paul appeared to me as a day-dreamer. Initially, he gets upset with Hazare because of Hazare’s attitude. Raj appeared to me as a side-hero in the story.

Hazare takes them to a jungle for a safari and entire drama unfolds. More characters make their appearance and they disappear too. In the first couple of chapters, I found the story little slow.  I was clueless about what was happening. Like Paul, I was also irritated with Hazare.

As the story proceeds, it grabbed my attention. I wanted to find out what happens next. I was hoping to find out an answer to the question, ‘who is Hazare?’ But the story disappointed me. I felt the story was little stretched at the end.

Overall, a good story, keeps you hooked up to the book and makes you wonder,’ Who is Hazare?’

Thank you Half Baked Beans for this wonderful opportunity to read and review. The book is available on Amazon (India) in Kindle and Paperback edition.




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