The Butterfly Club – Jacqueline Wilson


The Triplet

This is a story of a triplet namely, Tina, Phil and Maddie.  Phil and Maddie look identical but Tina looked a lot different. They are bigger and stronger than Tina. They both always took care of  teeny tiny Tina. Tina has never been alone to any where, not even in the school.  They were always together. Phil and Maddie thought that it is their responsibility to look after Tina and to protect her from the school bullies.


What it’s like to be a triplet

Tina dosen’t have a confidence that she can do things on her own. She was also feeling lonely as Phil and Maddy made friends on their tables. Mrs. Lovejoy, their new class teacher separated them. She made them seat on three different tables. Tina was made to sit with Selma, a bully in the class, along with four other kids who were stronger than her.

When Mrs. Lovejoy asked Selma and Tina to help her develop a butterfly garden in the school the story changes.  Tina develops her confidence in the process and becomes Selma’s best friend.

The characters in the story are crafted very thoughtfully. Mrs. Lovejoy is my favorite character in the story.  In the beginning, I hated her for being so strict with students. She didn’t give permission to triplet to seat together but as I read further, I understood Mrs. Lovejoy better. She has a purpose to it. In the beginning, I felt that the story was moving at a slow pace but later on it became very interesting.

At the end of the book, there are few exercises for kids to do such as- tips to make your own butterfly garden, a recipe of Tina and Selma’s butterfly cakes, a life-cycle of a butterfly and an information about few species of different butterflies.  Children can visit  for games, puzzles and more fun activities.


The Book Cover

There are pictures in the book but all are in black and white. No doubt they look beautiful  but few colorful butterflies would have been great.

Age no bar to read the book. While reading you can relive your childhood memories, your favorite teachers and your best friends in the school.


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