Through Orphaned Eyes – A story of two people, two Nations -By Ajay Singh


‘Through Orphaned Eyes’ is the third novel of Ajay Singh which was release in 2015 November.

The book focuses on partition of India and Pakistan through eyes of two brothers who were born one after another, only difference is first one is born on 14th August 1947 and second one is born on 15th August 1947. One remains in Pakistan and one comes to India. India and Pakistan partition was very hard on people who faced it. The one who comes to India narrates this story in first person narrative and he narrates the story in Pakistan in third person

At the beginning of the book the author introduces all characters and give their brief background. This helps the reader to understand each and every character throughout the story. To give reference of time Author has used all important events happened in both countries since 1947. Their lives revolve around those events. An Author also gives an insight into the lives of army person while narrating the story which probably came from his own background of army services for almost 28 years. This book is a good mix of fiction and non-fiction.

The story has a potential of turning into a good movie. It is written in a very detailed manner.

(This review is published online in Gulf News on 18th August 2016.)

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