From Mum to Mumpreneur

Mothers can be business owners too, and this book gives you the tools to begin your own start-up

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Mumpreneur is a practical guide for all mothers who want to start their own businesses.
As the title says, Mumpreneur by Annabel Karmel is truly the complete guide to starting and running a successful business. Karmel has written almost 40 books and was a harpist before becoming a mother. She started to focus on food after the tragic death of her daughter, when she was a few weeks old.

After she had her second baby, she became more focused on food for babies. As she says in her book, dissatisfaction is the key to opportunity. Karmel started making tasty recipes for her son, who was a fussy eater. Thereafter, she wrote her first book, which was rejected by many publishers before it became a success. Now, her books are popular among first-time mothers all across the world.

Mumpreneur is a practical guide for all mothers who want to start their own businesses. Every mother wants to place her child as her number one priority, but most women also have some skills that they can turn into business opportunities.

The book is written in a conversational manner. It provides a step-by-step guide on creating a business plan. It also provides an insight into all aspects of business — from raising finances and hiring people, to branding and marketing your business.

Karmel provides basic tips for starting a business. She outlines some exercises at the end of each step, which helps readers to arrive at their own business plan.

This book is not only for women, but is suitable for anyone who wishes to start his or her own business. After all, as Karmel says: “Shattering through the glass ceiling with a changing bag over your shoulder is no longer limited to the realms of fantasy.”

— The reader is a blogger, based in Dubai.

This review is Published in Gulf News on 24 April 2016

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  1. Truly an inspiring book for all mothers

  2. Shreyasi says:

    Such a great post

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