Yes, this is the hashtag trending the most around the UAE for a week now. Indian community in UAE is all excited about the visit of Prime Minister of Mr. Narendra Modi on 16th and 17th August. This visit is very special as he is second Indian Prime Minister to visit the UAE after almost 34 years. There is large Indian population in UAE and this is home away from home for all of them. In UAE, a large community of Indian businessmen who are adding value to the economy and making India proud.

When the news was out about this visit, local radio channels and news paper had discussions going on about the plan and agenda of the meeting. Various news about the event were in air. A separate website is created for his visit, ‘www.namoindubai.ae‘ . People were requested to register on this web site if they wish to attend the Prime Minister’s public address in Dubai. Very soon the website received overwhelming response from interested people. Considering number of people going to attend the event, even public transport has been arranged from various places in Dubai to the venue.

Everyone who is residing here has different expectations from this visit of PM. Businessmen community has their own agenda, common man has their own expectations. Specially, when I registered myself for this event, I had only one agenda and that is to listen to a good speak from a man, who I believe is a good orator. He has a special charisma which impress me. I admire the way Mr. Modi came up from being a tea vendor to become a Prime Minister of a World’s largest democratic and second most populated country. I have no other expectations.

I am not at all going to talk at all about his political career, what people say and think about current political scenario in India, etc. For me this is a separate issue and I am not expert in this to comment or say anything about the same.

All excited about the evening and hoping to listen to a good speech.

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  1. vrushali says:

    Very nicely written prachiti…waiting for further updates of Namo visit

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