Typing or Writing??

I wanted to write for a long time on my blog but for some or the other reason it was pending.But today when sitting next to Burj Khalifa, in a cafe while enjoying a cool breeze, my thoughts automatically started flowing. I decided today, I will first write my thoughts on a piece of paper and then will type.

Now you will think why am I writing them down on a piece of paper?? I have simple explanation to it– last time when I was writing a letter to my friend, I realised that I am loosing touch with writing. I did my schooling in Marathi language but now when I am writing in Marathi ( i.e. Devnagri Script) I am writing that too in English script.  This is all due to technology. Unknowingly, I am getting so used type that my hand is not moving freely to write. I feel ashamed of myself. When in school we used to write exams for 3 hours but now today can I write for 3 hours? I thought I cannot .. ( On a second thought, no written exams…. yuppiieee), but I decided that I will write and not type when ever I get to do so.

When I decided to write, I felt that a simple hand written letters even a small note has got a special personal touch than a typed email. You can feel personal emotions through letter. Yes, we express them through emoticons also but be honest and tell me, what is better? a personal hand written note or an email?

In today’s age of technology I still enjoy writing. Those emoticons cannot express all of our emotions. A smile has got so many different meaning, but that emoticon will just give one or two types like 🙂 , 😛 , 😀  that’s all.

When I decided to write letters to my friends, I asked addresses of my friends, I told them that i need to send them something. All were asking me what I want to send? Why am I wasting money by sending something without reason? I was just smiling while typing answers to their questions. Then I sent them an email and they all were surprised to receive a hand written letter from my side. One friend immediately called me and said this is the best surprise, you made my day.

I remember, during my school time there was a concept called as Pen Pals or Pen Friends – they are people who regularly write to each other, particularly via postal mail. I never had unknown pen pal or a pen pal from other countries but yes I do had some good friends whom I used to write. When I was staying in a hostel for my education I literally used to write daily and used to post weekly. Isn’t that amazing??

Ahhh… I was so engrossed in my own world that I did not realise that two girls sitting next to me are observing me with a surprise. At first I did not understand the reason behind that surprised look. When I looked around I saw everyone is ‘TYPING’ and I am the only one ‘WRITING’.

Now after seeing that surprised look on those girls face, I have decided, I am going WRITE… 

What about you??

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9 Responses to Typing or Writing??

  1. nisha sanjeev says:

    I can only put a smiley 😔 cheeze to u. True

  2. vasudha says:

    nice one… 🙂

  3. 18reva says:

    First of all I would like to really say that the flow of your writing is so beautiful that …. for a moment I felt that you are really talking to me. Next I would like to say that , “letter” mean hand written always is the most valuable gift one can have in today’s world.
    And if you ask me , why I value it so much then the answer would be …someone has thought about you and given valuable time for you……….. the feeling of belonging and affection which is felt , ………………. make me feeeeeeel really very good.
    Pracs, I am really thankful for the privilege given to me and reminding me of the art of writing and its importance, which I felt after receiving a written letter after I can say years and decades ………………………………… 😀

  4. Nidhi says:

    Amazing Dear…I simply loved it…Simple and brought the most important thing on face…can we really write now? Even i feel we cannot.. Inspiring me to write as well..

    • Prachiti Talathi says:

      Nidhi, yes we can write now also.. Like I do, write letters to my friends. 🙂 Would love to add your name to it..

  5. Dilip says:

    Good reminder 🙂
    Thanks and have a wonderful 2014.

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