Does your actions speak??

‘Communication’, a key to success!! I am sure everybody believes in this. Effective communication is important to convey what we mean. Some people convey with 10 sentences and some may be in 10 words. Someone even speak without words.

There are two ways of communication – verbal (with words) and non verbal (without words). Experts may explain this in percentage for eg. James Borg states that communication consists of 93% body language and para linguistics clues, while only 7% is communication consists of words. Few others said it is 70% non verbal and 30% verbal. But what is important here is non verbal communication plays major role in efective communication.

Body language is part of non verbal communication. Today I am going to write about the same. Personally I believe that reading a body language is like reading what is not spoken, reading between the lines. Your body reveals the truth behind your words. Body gives signals at conscious or unconscious level. In earlier era body language was used to understand human behavior and personality. However, along with evolution in the studies in body language it has become an important medium in understanding human being.

We all read body language without knowing any special skills or expertise.  Ask any mother how does she understands what her child needs her child cannot express in words.  She understands her child through the body language.  Friends you know one interesting fact we all can interpret body language since our childhood when we all played a game called ‘dumb sheraz’ where one person enacts a name without saying a word and others guess the name. Surprised… 🙂

When we look at some one we can say if the person is happy, sad, or angry. Certain facial expressions of human emotions are recognized world wide like happiness, sadness, fear disgust, anger, surprise. However, we cannot forget that body language depends on context. The same signal in same situation might not mean the same in another. Body language is a subject which cannot be learned, explained or taught in one day or in one article.

For reference, friends, I am giving you a name of book  which will give you more details about body language : “The Definitive book on body language  by Allan and Barbara”

Below sentence is so true, silence speaks louder than words..What say???

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2 Responses to Does your actions speak??

  1. Dilip says:

    Good one Prachiti learning to communication must be a continuous process. The best form of communication is one with a genuine ‘smile’. 🙂

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